Friday, November 18, 2011

Letterman: What a Disappointment

As a kid, I loved Late Night with David Letterman on NBC (not to date myself too much!)
He's had his lows and highs on cbs, but tonight--truly--was a new low.
His guest was GOP candidate Herman Cain. And in short, he was downright rude.
I completely agree that US Pres candidates should be put under the microscope (although somehow Mr. Obama cleanly escaped such a fate, but I digress...) but Letterman--and watch the tape if you think I'm exaggerating--was confrontational, dismissive, and downright rude. He made a mockery of the 9-9-9 plan every chance he could get. Not asking thoughtful, pensive, insightful questions, he was quite obviously defensive and downright venomous. Cain, although admittedly not my ideal candidate at the moment, did a fantastic job of laughing off the literal "bullying" that was Letterman. My concern is not that people are picking on the GOP candidates. That is a liberal mantra. As an admittedly former (gulp!) liberal myself, I am concerned about the general tv watching liberal populus (clip OWS) that have their ridiculous anti-capitalistic, anti-first ammendment views even more swayed by this has-been comedian.
If Obama had been "allowed" the same scruitiny, his resume of community organizer and one-term junior senator certainly wouldn't have held up.
Which party is the "racist" now?

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