Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Today's Rant -- The Banality of Modern Life

The banality of modern life in America is everywhere. The local media calls just about anything that happened within the last 24 hours as “breaking news.” And apparently, people’s opinions aired on social media are worthy of a breakout shot of a reporter behind the desk giving a report of the latest mindless, reactionary opinions of the ill-informed masses.

Then there’s the office. The mindless, vapid greetings and platitudes.  The odd and often distasteful habits of random adults you have close proximity to for 40+ hours a week. There’s the desk whistler, the singer, the gossip, the chronic whiner, the manic throat clearer, the one with way too much phlegm for one person, the slurper/loud eater at their desk, the person who picks their teeth or licks their fingers at the lunch table, and odd phone personalities such as the cheesy salesperson (“I can knock your socks off”), the customer service person with inappropriate people skills who pretends to be retarded, deaf, and snorts unnaturally when she laughs (yes, I swear I’ve endured it all).

Take all of these mindless, short-sighted and discourteous behaviors to the roads. The commute home is full of lane drifters, texters, manic breakers, and people who think they can ESP their turn signals (or believe that you have ESP and somehow know that they are turning without seeing a turn signal). A few short hours at home, spent mostly doing chores, errands, and keeping up to date on household necessities, then it’s time to get to bed so you can do it all again.

Is it any wonder many of us feel bored, intellectually starved, disengaged? I know I do.