Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Owning Up

Great article this week from Dr. Tim Nerenz, "Own It."
As someone who used to call themselves an independent voter (I always said I voted for the candidate, not the party) it's difficult for me to 1) rationalize the recent behavior of Democrats 2) find a real nugget of a usable action plan from Dems to get our country out of this economic crisis. Their attention doesn't seem to be on real, long-term solutions that inherently will cause pain to some who are used to entitlements. They're like a spoiled child--they want what they want and they want it now. And if they don't get it, watch out for the violent tantrum. We saw it on ObamaCare, we saw it in Wisconsin. If you don't agree with them or give them what they want, then you're an awful, awful parent--I mean, person.
Democrats: I really, really, really tried to give you a chance. But you have to grow up sometime.