Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pavlovian Google search engines

This blog was never intended to become purely political, hence the title of it has nothing to do with politics. However, as someone who formerly fell under the siren's song of the liberal movement (many, many years ago), and living in the state of Wisconsin for the past several years (i.e. THE public union battleground for the past two years), I can't help but use this page to vent my eternal frustration and irritation--I'm not even sure now if it is the Democrats that infuriate me so or the lemmings that believe everything that is pitched to them. I really don't want to believe that people have gotten that stupid. Where do I begin? Obama with his empty campaign (now presidential) speeches filled with sound bytes and keywords, like people have become vacuous Pavlovian Google search engines. (Google Alert: "Hope," "Change... "). The belief that somehow the government has endless money to hand out to the whiney, lazy, and complacent. The belief that the job market and economy is somehow better now. Let's see, skyrocketing cost of living (food, oil prices, gas), lower salaries and wages if you are lucky enough to have a job, and nowhere to put your cash if you have it. Interest rates are in the toilet. And we're the people paying the taxes that pay for the whiney, lazy, and complacent, in addition to those that legitimately need a helping hand.
But Governor Walker is a "meanie" for making union workers contribute to their health insurance and retirement funds (I'll save the collective bargaining issue for another post), and somehow, President O'Blah, Blah will save us, because he (gag) cares. What does that even mean?

Friday, April 20, 2012


Thanks to Vicki McKenna for brining the following insightful blog post to my attention:

MOMENT OF CLARITY: Civil War: Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has announced he will challenge former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk for the right to run against Wiscons...

Transparent Liberal

I was behind this car on my way home from work last night in the Milwaukee area. I think it says it all about the Recall Walker supporters here.
The uber liberals never cease to amaze me with their transparency...